• April 3, 2008
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The war in northern Uganda has raged now for 21 years, making it Africa's longest running conflict and as one senior U.N. official described it

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  1. The controversial bagagge other than Jason’s breakdown, which was quite justifiable under the circumstances, did not belong to them. People who considered themselves armchair experts and had never done even a fraction of what the young people involved in Invisible Children have done somehow thought they were the voices of experience on the LRA and on Invisible Children. Young Americans and young people around the globe, who have been involved in the issue since the first Invisible Children movie actually know a lot more about the situation than the critics. The Kony 2012 film was directed at the young following who already know that Kony is more in CAR and DRC, as well as Equatoria, than in N. Uganda. That’s why the film didn’t spell it all out.

  2. I loved your article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Gutierre

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