• May 30, 2008
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“Real crisis in Uganda is Karamoja, not the North” – new UNICEF representative

Keith McKenzie, UNICEF’s new Uganda representative, said yesterday that the northeastern region of Karamoja is in greater crisis than war-torn northern uganda. “The real crisis in Uganda is Karamoja, not the north,” McKenzie said. “The peace talks, considerable security, resettling people from the camps and other improvements have made a difference. Yet there is still a deteriorating situation in Karamoja and some of the districts in western Uganda are even worse than the North,” he said. According to him, access to water, food, schools and other necessities are better in the North than Karamoja. McKenzie said the disarmament programme in Karamoja must go hand in hand with development programmes if the region is to be helped. Read more at The Monitor.

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