• June 27, 2008
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Gulu Chairman Mao says only 5% of IDPs in Acholi have actually returned home

Gulu District Chairman Norbert Mao has said that only about 5% of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were living in camps in Gulu district have returned to their villages. He said, “While we can say that about 30% of the IDPs have left the camps, the majority are still in transition settlement areas. Only about 5% have returned to their villages of origin and most new settlements are located on major roads and near social services.” Mao added that until peace fully returns and security measures are in place, many displaced people will not feel safe enough to leave the camps. “Let us preach the message of peace and reconciliation in each and every village. Let us assure them that total peace is on the horizon and we should reach out and grasp it,” he said. Read more at The New Vision.

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