• July 8, 2008
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IRC and Women’s Commission launch inititiave to take on gender-based violence

Women and children have been the primary victims of northern Uganda’s 21-year war, affected not only the conflict’s violence, but also left to endure the horrific conditions in the internally displaced persons camps. Children, for so long forced to “night commute” to avoid abduction, lack access to basic health and educational resources.

There is, however, another aspect to terrible plight endured by women and children in northern Uganda. Gender based violence. Too often, rape is used as a weapon of war and the women and girls who live in the conflict-affected region are especially vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation.child in northern Uganda

The International Resuce Committee and Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children, both members of the Resolve Uganda coaltion, have recently launched a petition asking the U.S. Congress to take measures to prevent this from happening, including increased funding for violence prevention programs and development initiatives. Click here to sign the petition and add your voice to those calling for an end to gender-based violence and the exploitation of childen, both in northern Uganda and around the world.

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