• September 23, 2008
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Civil Society Orgs. for Peace in Northern Uganda: Juba talks at “point of no return”

Civil Society Organizations for Peace in Northern Uganda (CSOPNU) has issued a public statement that the Juba peace talks are at “a point of no return.” They write, “Sunday 26 August 2007 marked one year of the landmark Cessation of Hostilities
Agreement (CHA) between the GoU and the LRA that was signed in Juba. Both parties to the peace talks have demonstrated commitment, restraint and flexibility in the interest of peace in Northern Uganda…To ensure that peace and justice are achieved in Northern Uganda all stakeholders have to do everything it takes to avoid returning to the horror Northern Uganda has seen for the last 20 years.” CSOPNU then appeals for the Government of Uganda to press the UN Security Council to invoke Article 16 of the Rome Statute, suspending the ICC warrants for 12 months. They also urge both parties to “take heed of the voices of the victims and all affected groups.”

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