• October 27, 2008
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HRW report calls for further improvements in Uganda

A report released this week by Human Rights Watch calls for the Ugandan government to curb human rights abuses committed during its disarmament operations in volatile Karamoja. It documents alleged unlawful killings, torture and ill-treatment, arbitrary detention, and theft and destruction of property committed during military operations to confiscate illegal weapons since May 2006. The HRW report, similar to a recent UN human rights report on Karamoja, also recognizes steps taken by the Ugandan military in recent months to investigate abuses, strengthen human rights guidelines and training and engage with Karamajong civil society. In addition to continuing to improve the disarmament operations, the report calls for a more comprehensive strategy for improving security in long-marginalized Karamoja that includes increased humanitarian and development aid and reinforced police and judicial institutions.

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