• October 14, 2008
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ICC official calls for arrest of Kony and other indicted LRA commanders

The Director for International Cooperation at the International Criminal Court (ICC) today called on Uganda, DR Congo and Sudan to arrest four commanders of the LRA indicted by the international court on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Beatrice Le Fraper du Hellen also said that the LRA should be cut off from its financial and supply networks. Though she stated that pursuing peace and justice in northern Uganda is not contradictory, a move to immediately arrest the indicted leaders would be sure to disrupt the ongoing Juba peace talks. The LRA and Ugandan government are currently holding consultations on justice and reconciliation in an effort to find a domestic alternative to the ICC. Recent reports detailing northern Ugandan views of justice and reconciliation show strong support for holding both the LRA and Ugandan government accountable for crimes, but reveal clear priorities on peace, returning home and improving failing health and educational systems. Read more at The Monitor.

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