• October 5, 2008
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Ugandan government rejects northerners’ blame for atrocities in 21-year war

The Ugandan government has strongly criticised a United Nations report that quotes civilians in the north of the country as blaming the army as well as rebel forces for causing casualties in 21-year conflict. The UN report, issued on August 14, which gathered the views of 1,725 northerners, showed that many felt that not just LRA leader Joseph Kony, but also President Yoweri Museveni, were responsible for the war. Many of those interviewed said atrocities were committed by both rebels and army troops. “I can’t waste my time commenting on such an empty report. The report is empty and baseless,” Ruth Nankabirwa, Uganda’s state minister for defence, said. “My government has not committed any crimes in the north. How then can that report compare atrocities committed by LRA to my government?” Read more here.

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