• December 7, 2008
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DR Congo reportedly seeks assurances from Sudan that it will cut support to LRA

The East African is reporting that President Kabila of the DR Congo recently sought assurances from President el Bashir of Sudan that the Khartoum government will cut off support to the LRA rebels. Congolese sources told the newspaper that the Congolese Regional Co-operation Minister met President Bashir in Khartoum two weeks ago to discuss ways of handling the LRA rebels. The Government of Sudan has been the main institutional supporter of the LRA over the conflict, though the Bashir government claims it has cut links since the 1999 Nairobi Peace Accord. Yet, intelligence sources cite an airdrop of uniforms and supplies that the LRA rebels received in February that originated from Sudan as evidence that the rebels are still receiving external support. Congolese officials are seeking regional cooperation to pressure the LRA so that they do not become a more potent military threat in the already volatile eastern DR Congo. Still, many worry that sudden military action may disrupt peace talks expected to resume later this month in Juba.

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