• December 11, 2008
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Focus on Uganda’s neighbors: continued crisis in east DRC and South Sudan

In continuing with last week’s ‘Focus on South Sudan,’ we will give special coverage every Wednesday to events beyond Uganda’s borders that are related directly or indirectly to northern Uganda; the two focus areas of course being the continuing humanitarian crisis (and fragile peace) in southern Sudan and border insecurity in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Here are a few headlines from this week:

“Oil war fears” (Institute for War and Peace Reporting) – Tensions between Uganda and DRC continue to rise over their shared border with Lake Albert, home to recent oil discoveries. An agreement between the two in mid-September hoped to mitigate such hostility, but last week brought yet another incident on the lake. This time, Ugandan soldiers fired at what they believed to be DRC troops seizing an oil barge; however, gunfire left six dead, including a young child.

“DR Congo reportedly seeks assurances from Sudan that it will cut support to LRA” (The East African) – In an effort to deal with the threat of LRA activity within its border, Congolese officials have met with their Sudanese counterparts, urging them to cut off any remaining support to the LRA rebels.

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