• January 21, 2009
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Thousands around the world walk to support the people of northern Uganda

Peter with Miss East AfricaOn Saturday, thousands of people in over one hundred cities across the globe turned out as part of Global GuluWalk Day to help support the children of northern Uganda.

From LA to Toronto, Hong Kong to Gulu, people took to the streets to raise awareness and raise money for the generation of kids in Uganda who have never known peace.

In addition to raising funds to directly support programs in the region, participants carried a message of hope and urgency to the international community. Namely, that peace in northern Uganda has to be a priority. People around the world made calls and wrote letters to their leaders, asking that ongoing peace talks be supported and that resources be designated to help displaced people return home.

Our staff were at the walks in DC, New York City, South Bend and London and it was so encouraging for us to see the level of enthusiasm and commitment that’s out there to make sure that peace finally comes.

Big thanks to everyone who participated and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the results of your efforts. NYC GuluWalk

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