• February 16, 2009
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Outcome from yesterday’s historic meeting: “Peace talks need to move forward”

In yesterday’s historic meeting between President Bush and President Museveni, the two leaders discussed the need for peace talks to move forward and President Bush urged “for the conflict in northern Uganda to be resolved sooner rather than later.” Presidents Museveni and Bush

This week, thousands of you wrote emails to the President, asking him to deliver the message the opportunity for peace must be supported, and it appears like your requests got through! While we are disappointed that President Bush did not use this meeting or the subsequent press conference to more fully offer his endorsement of the negotiations process, it appears that this meeting was not used as the military strategy session it might have been – very good news!

Thanks to all of you who took action and were part of this historic occasion. The fact that northern Uganda was even on the agenda for this meeting is a testament ot your concerns and efforts.

To find out more about the meeting and our thoughts on what happened, you can read today’s Voice of America interview with Resolve Uganda Senior Researcher, Peter Quaranto.

Also, for another great take on yesterday’s meeting, you can read an op/ed in yesterday’s Philadelphia Enquirer by columnist Carolyn Davis.

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