• February 24, 2011
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Congress jeopardizing efforts to stop the LRA

We reported previously that the President included a specific line item to fund efforts to stop LRA atrocities in his recent budget proposal to Congress. This is a first, and a significant development. Securing this funding is absolutely critical if the White House strategy released last year is to translate into concrete progress for communities vulnerable to the LRA.

But as we have dug into the budget process, we are hearing more and more reports that Congress may cut these very funds. Because of the recession and budget deficit, it is a very tense environment in Washington as Members of Congress consider budget priorities. But cutting efforts to stop the LRA is simply not something we can allow.

Today, we launched a petition to prevent that from happening. Take 30 seconds to sign it now. People being targeted by the LRA don’t have a voice in Washington; so we have to use ours. We’ll be circulating the petition to leaders in Congress over the coming weeks.

This week, I joined leaders from humanitarian organizations in pleading for Congress not to cut emergency relief programs, and we’re not alone. Our partners at the ONE Campaign have also been vigilant on this issue (see this post on how it would impact HIV/AIDS work, and this one that explains the various budgets being considered) as these cuts would affect their work too. So have our friends at Save Darfur.

This may prove to be a major battle in our efforts for peace moving forward.

– Michael

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Michael Poffenberger
Michael Poffenberger

Michael Poffenberger is Executive Director of The Resolve.