• February 19, 2011
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Obama budget includes the LRA

This past week, President Obama released his budget proposal for the coming year. It will now be considered, amended, and voted on by Congress. Remarkably (and we think for the first time ever), the President’s budget request includes a specific line item for our country’s efforts to end the ongoing atrocities of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Under the budget section devoted to foreign assistance, within the peacekeeping operations section, the President calls for specific funding for “countering the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central and East Africa.” Securing this new funding is absolutely crucial if the President’s strategy released in November is to result in concrete improvement for communities targeted by the LRA.

It remains unclear the precise amount called for, something which we will be sorting out in the coming days with Congress and Obama Administration officials. Achieving this specific request in the President’s budget is nonetheless a very significant development that stems from our efforts last year to secure passage of the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act and to influence the President’s strategy.

We will be monitoring this carefully to make sure it gains approval from Congress, especially as many Members of Congress are calling for cuts and may target foreign aid programs.

– Michael

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Michael Poffenberger
Michael Poffenberger

Michael Poffenberger is Executive Director of The Resolve.