• March 23, 2011
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The Resolve Tour: An update from the road

After two weeks of concerts and advocate workshops and more than 3,250 miles in the van, Brian Pappalardo, Resolve’s Organizing Fellow, took a few minutes to answer a few of my questions about the Resolve Tour.

Resolve:  What was the best part of the first two weeks of the tour?
Brian Pappalardo:  We knew going into it that this tour was a little bit of a crazy idea.  We really had no idea what to expect.  Even though we had been planning this tour for months, when the moment came where we were standing on stage in front of a group of people about to share our story, there were nothing but questions going through our heads. “Will they listen?  Will they care?”

We intentionally booked this tour in a way that is very different than the way most non-profits or bands tour.  We played a house show one night to a social justice club, and a 1,200 capacity rock venue the next night.  Last week, we spoke on a local radio station and got invited to be special guests in a college class.  Every situation so far has been so unique, and I hope that they continue to be unique.  But underneath all of that, there is something so honest and just and human about sharing these stories.  Every night people are moved to action that will help see an end to LRA atrocities and help see change in their local communities.  We feel so honored to be a part of this movement.

What most surprised you from the first two weeks on the road?
BP:  Our approach each night of this tour definitely depends on who we’re talking to.  For a lot of people, this tour is an introduction to this issue, or to social justice in general.  Then there are the people who have worked alongside of us for years.  At the end of the night, it is the coolest thing to gather everyone around a table and begin a dialogue.  The dialogue that is created is something that is really remarkable, but, even more important are the friendships that are created and strengthened.

What are you already sick of?
BP: Well, a thief broke our van’s window at the end of the first week of the tour.  So, we drove from Atlanta, GA to Little Rock, AR with a smashed in window, and we were definitely sick of that by the time we got to Little Rock!

What are you most looking forward to this week?
BP:  Not just this week, but every week, we want to do more than just build a fan base for Koji or a support base for Resolve.  For everyone on this tour, it’s about developing friendships with the people  we meet and encouraging them to invest in their own community.  We’ve met some great individuals on this tour, and have been a part of some really cool networks of people.  We’re looking forward to more of that.  Also, we are very excited about seeing our family and long-distance friends as we travel the country.

If you’d like to participate in The Resolve Tour, come find us on the road.

— Amber

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