• April 5, 2011
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Calling all advocates

The next few weeks are a critical turning point in our efforts to help stop the violence being perpetrated by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  Our members of Congress are considering whether to cut or support the very funds needed to see this crisis ended.

Raise your voices with us this week by joining the S2F calling blitz.  Your participation will help ensure our leaders stay committed when it counts – because unless our leaders set aside funds to implement the President’s LRA strategy released in November, new efforts to rescue children abducted by the LRA and bring Joseph Kony and other LRA leaders to justice won’t become reality.

That’s why we need you to employ those mobile devices – no, not to play Angry Birds – to make phone calls.  We will be calling our elected leaders every day this week. Will you join us as we launch this week-long phone-calling blitz?

We’ve made it really (really) easy.

Thanks to some minor advances in our tech-savvy-ness, we now have a handy tool for you to look up your elected representatives at the bottom of the phone blitz info page and get their direct office numbers. Each call should take no more than 30 seconds, and your talking points are spelled out right on our site.

Your choice to participate could determine whether U.S. leadership for peace moves forward or backward. Each call gets reported to your elected leaders, and each call helps ensure they stay committed to ending LRA atrocities at this pivotal moment in our efforts for peace.

Pick up the phone.  Call your members of Congress – you’ve got three – once a day or once this week.  Aaaaaaand go!

– Lisa

p.s. You have our permission to play a victory round of Angry Birds after the strategy gets funded.

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