• April 6, 2011
  • The Resolve Tour
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On the road with The Resolve Tour

The Resolve Tour launched March 7 in Virginia and journeyed down South before heading north through Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  After a turn to the east, Koji, Brian and Pete went through Michigan and Ohio and spent last night in the Steel City — good ol’ Pittsburgh, PA.  Over the last month, more than 1300 people have joined up with them for great music from Koji and creative dialogue with the team about how to be effective advocates for justice, locally and globally.

Now, we know those Resolve tour boys are capable of a lot shenanigans in one month, so we wanted the low-down on the tour so far. Here’s what we found out in a Q & A session with Resolve tour member and fellow Resolver, Brian Pappalardo:

Resolve: What’s the best meal you’ve had so far?

Brian:  The best food we had was at a breakfast place in Chicago called Dunley’s.  The hash browns were to die for.  However, the best meal that we had was a family dinner with some new friends that we made in (technically) Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Homemade spaghetti with a side of some of the best friends and conversation you could ask for. 

Resolve: Throughout the concerts and workshops, what’s the best question you’ve been asked to answer?

Brian:  I don’t know if this counts as a question, but there was a guy in Louisville, Kentucky who thought that this tour was not a good idea.  As we were talking with him, he shared that he had worked as an intern in a Congressional office, and he had become disenchanted with politicians and government.  Even though he made it clear that he thought our tour was pointless, he stayed around for the entire night.  At the end of the advocacy workshop, he was so moved by our message and our work that he had a change of heart.  He shared with us that he had been looking for excuses to not be a part of the political process, but he had the realization that, although things may move slowly, he had a responsibility to start using his voice to bring about change.

Resolve:  What’s your favorite Koji song of the tour?

Brian:  My favorite Koji song is called “Spring Song.”  No matter what state we’re in, no matter what kind of crowd, there’s something very powerful about a large group of people singing about the bonds of family and friendship that connect us all.

Resolve: Any fun adventures we need to know about?

Brian:  Koji and I were electrocuted in a Waffle House, and Koji was blinded for a good 20 minutes.  I’m not going to give you any context so that your imagination can run wild.

Hmm. Thanks for that, Brian.  The Resolve Tour has many more miles to go – and plenty more opportunities to connect with amazing people like all of you (sans any electrical mishaps, we hope).  Check out the map to see if they will be near you.

— Lisa

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