• April 13, 2011
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To those who believe in “the power of a small group of committed individuals”…

Prove it. none

In a few weeks, our leaders in Congress will be deciding the national budget for 2012.  That means our representatives will be deciding – or deciphering – what we as a nation do and don’t care enough about to put money on it.

You and I need to make a lot of noise – and fast. If we don’t, there’s a good chance Congress will cut the funds needed to rescue children abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and finally see an end to LRA violence. Unless we speak up now, our representatives may conclude that ending Africa’s longest running war is just not a priority.  And can you really blame them if they’re not hearing from us?

We pledged to do whatever it takes to see an end to this crisis. And right now what it’s going to take is some serious face time – between you and your members of Congress.

We’ve got a short window to make that happen.  Our representatives will be in their home districts later this month to hear what their constituents have on their minds.  Check out the map of meetings being scheduled as part of Resolve’s Start Something to Finish It campaign.  Do you live near one of these meetings?  Then join it!

The more people who attend these meetings, the more powerful our message to members of Congress that we care about ending this crisis and we want them to care, too.  Ultimately, that’s their job – to listen to what we care about and to represent us in D.C.

The fact is, we’ve got an easy thing to ask. We want our members of Congress to fund the U.S. strategy to end LRA violence – a strategy that Congress unanimously required the President to create.  Your voice pushed Congress to require that strategy… now we need to get it funded.

It’s time to make some serious waves on Capitol Hill – starting from your hometown.  Let’s get to work.

— Lisa

ps:  Join us at www.livestream.com/weareresolved every Tuesday at 5pm EDT and every Friday at 3pm EDT to get updates on the Start Something to Finish It campaign.  Ask questions, connect with other advocates and get the latest updates on our progress.

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