• September 29, 2011
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LRA Crisis Tracker gets the ultimate “stamp of approval”

Patrick Meier is arguably the leading authority in crisis mapping. That established, he posted a blog today about the LRA Crisis Tracker and he gave it his stamp of approval. We feel honored, proud, and a little overwhelmed.

You can read his complete bio here, but he is the co-founder of the International Network of Crisis Mappers, Director of Crisis Mapping at Ushahidi, a prolific writer on the subject, and an all-around pioneer in the field of early warning and crisis mapping.

He starts off by saying that “The LRA Crisis Tracker is an important milestone for the fields of crisis mapping and early warning.”

He specifically mentions how impressed he is with our comprehensive codebook—an important step in reliable crisis mapping that is often neglected. He was also impressed that we already have 22 months of data in the system and that we are constantly adding real-time and historical data.

“This project is by far the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive source of information on LRA atrocities, which the partners hope will improve efforts to protect vulnerable communities in the region. Indeed, the team has joined forces with a number of community-run protection organizations in Central Africa who hope to benefit from the team’s regular crisis reports.”

He also talks about the custom crisis mapping system that Digitaria built for us, and how it has capabilities beyond most crisis mapping platforms in existence. “Indeed, the fact that new crisis mapping technologies are surfacing is a healthy sign that the field is maturing and evolving.”

“…I’m speaking with Michael about next steps on the conflict early warning and especially response side. This project has the potential to become a successful people-centered conflict early response initiative as long as the team focuses seriously on conflict preparedness and implement a number of other best practices from fourth generation conflict early warning systems.”

We are so thrilled to be highlighted in this way by one of our heroes, and to get the reassurance that our hard work over the last year and half has been worthwhile. You really should read Patrick Meier’s entire blog about the LRA Crisis Tracker here.


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