• September 20, 2011
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Resolve’s movers and shakers: Eugene Kim

Here at Resolve we aren’t shy to say that we have the best supporters a non-profit could ask for. In the next few weeks we want to highlight a couple of these all-star supporters who, in their own rights, have become confident leaders in fighting injustice. We can always count on them to be informed on the conflict, to coordinate meetings with members of Congress in their area, and to always bring a “whatever it takes” attitude to the task at hand. Not only do they join our campaigns with gusto, but they invite their friends and community members to do the same.

We asked them why they got involved with Resolve and what advice they would give to other activists or would-be activists. As these advocates articulate what attracted them to Resolve’s mission, see if their thoughts and feelings resonate with yours. We think they just might.

Meet Eugene Kim of Wilmington, Delaware. In Eugene’s signature laconic style, here’s his take:

“I will throw my support towards any organization that accomplishes significant work in helping kids in grave danger, and Resolve clearly does that. It confuses me as to why a child kidnapped in central Africa receives little attention, yet would be treated completely differently if he or she were from the States. Resolve is changing that mindset.

My advice to activists? Don’t forget to laugh and smile. You’ll drive yourself crazy fighting injustices if you don’t take a step back and laugh at the Wiggles every once in a while.”

Eugene is wholly devoted to Resolve’s mission, and it’s only because of people like him that we have come as far as we have. While there is only one Eugene on this planet, this fall we’ll be needing more advocates in his mold to keep President Obama accountable to his promises and end LRA violence once and for all. You have that potential in you. Just so you know. And remember, Eugene says laughter is required.


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