• October 31, 2011
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Amb. Susan Rice defends Obama’s deployment decision on Rachel Maddow show.

Susan Rice is the U.S. Ambassador to the UN and in this interview she defends President Obama’s decision to send 100 troops to central Africa. Rachel Maddow tries to provoke the Ambassador by forcing the point that these are 100 “combat-ready” troops, implying that the only reason for them to be combat-ready is if they would eventually be engaging in combat. Ambassador Rice respectfully, but definitively, corrects her, explaining that of course the troops are combat-equipped: for cases of self defense. But these troops are under explicit instructions not to engage in combat. They are there solely as advisers and trainers.

Ambassador Rice goes on to describe the brutality of the LRA, including a personal experience in northern Uganda of seeing a 1-month-old child left for dead by the rebel group. She ends the conversation about the LRA by saying that it’s not so uncommon to deploy advisers abroad. This happens more often than we realize, and it hardly constitutes an act of war.

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p.s. What a woman. The eloquence, intelligence, and authority that emanate from her…I’ve decided that I want to be just like her when I’m all the way grown up.

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