• October 19, 2011
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DTJ and Sister Giovanna are “letting the world know” about the LRA’s continued threat

We’ve blogged before about how much we admire Discover the Journey’s (DTJ) work and treasure their friendship. Their most recent video, “Reportage: Let the World Know,” gives a Camboni nun named Sister Giovanna the chance to give testimony of LRA atrocities and appeal for help on behalf of affected communities in the region. She appeals to our common humanity, in spite of the distance between us, on the grounds of brotherhood and sisterhood.  Senator Inhofe referenced Sister Giovanna on the Senate floor yesterday, reading aloud her horrific descriptions of how the LRA kills and mutilates civilians — including children.

Sister Giovanna is just one example that the people — and governments — of central Africa are fervently requesting the world’s help to stop Joseph Kony and protect civilians from LRA violence. For years they have been asking for help, and President Obama’s recent decision to send 100 advisers to the region is proof that their voices are finally being heard, thanks in large part to artists and storytellers like the team at DTJ and to advocates like you.

Soak in this beautiful piece of film that thoughtfully serves to magnify Sister Giovanna’s voice:

DTJ’s blog on Sister Giovanna and the video:

DTJ is honored to present our first Reportage piece profiling Sister Giovanna, a Camboni nun the DTJ team met in South Sudan last year. Sister Giovanna has lived through several decades of violence committed by the LRA and has watched friends survive mutilation, abduction and has grieved the deaths of those lost to the LRA side by side with Ugandans, Congolese and Sudanese. Her perspective is unique as she is a rare foreigner who has closely witnessed the long path of atrocities committed by the Lord’s Resistance Army during her over 25 years of living and serving in Africa. Just yesterday, Senator Inhofe read a letter from Sister Giovanna to the Senate, describing in detail the horror of the LRA, coming on the heels of President Obama’s recent decision to send 100 US advisers to the region to address the ongoing violence and stop the terror of Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA, which our friends at Resolve and Invisible Children have been working tirelessly for. As Sister Giovanna asked DTJ to share her words with the world, we hope you will too. She asks what brother and sister really mean unless, she says, we actually DO something. Could this recent development be that something? At least the beginning? We hope so.

And look for more posts from the Reportage series over the coming months.


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