• October 7, 2011
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LRA Crisis Tracker: Footage from Dikuma, DRC

One of the things that makes the LRA Crisis Tracker unique among crisis maps is its multimedia. Below is a video that features Resolve’s Director of Advocacy, Paul Ronan, and Invisible Children’s Adam Finck.

They traveled to the village of Dikuma in the Bas Uele region of DR Congo, which has been hit by the LRA multiple times in the past year. Yet, before now, this village hasn’t even been identified on any regional maps. With the help of the Crisis Tracker, Paul and Adam were able to take Dikuma’s GPS coordinates and literally “putting it on the map.”  Watch and listen. This is what happened on March 11, 2011:

Documentation of LRA attacks in remote area like Dikuma — and new footage that allows us to see the reality of these attacks like never before  — make the LRA Crisis Tracker a groundbreaking new tool for advocates like you. Both Resolve and Invisible Children are committed to tracking down these stories as an important step towards making the ever-present LRA threat tangible and undeniable to our policymakers.

The map represents real people with real stories that cannot be ignored, especially now that their stories have been carried out of the bush and delivered to our homepage (the LRA Crisis Tracker is your homepage, right?)

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