• October 26, 2011
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NPR: Activists support U.S. move against Uganda rebels

Yesterday Resolve’s Executive Director, Michael Poffenberger and Invisible Children’s CEO, Ben Keesey, were interviewed by NPR about the role of young activists in bringing Joseph Kony and the LRA conflict to the attention of policymakers. Young activists have brought so much attention to it, in fact, that Congress passed a bill mandating a U.S. response and President Obama decided to send 100 troops to advise local militaries in their efforts to capture Kony and disarm the LRA.  As interviewer Michele Keleman noted, it’s not often that human rights organizations are supportive of decisions to deploy troops, but these are unusual circumstances.

She gave Michael and Ben time to express the nuances of how complicated this situation is. Namely, that most of the LRA combatants were abducted as children, and many of them still are children. As Michael said, “It’s really one of the most sadistic components of Kony’s strategy; he purposefully puts abducted children between himself and anyone trying to pursue him.”

We are so pleased that NPR picked the story up and highlighted the enormous role played by young activists in bringing this issue to the Oval Office and now into the homes of millions of people. The reporter also made special mention of the LRA Crisis Tracker, including a sound bite from the Dikuma footage.

Go here to listen to the 5 minute interview, or read the tidied-up transcript.


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