• October 24, 2011
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Thank YOU for thanking your reps!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our call-in campaign last week. It is hugely important that we communicate to our representatives that we want to see Congress and the President work together to see an end to LRA violence.

We heard from congressional offices whose phones were ringing with a rare message — thank you — and it’s that sort of message that motivates them to persist.

It’s been awesome to read the stories you’ve posted on Facebook about your experiences calling in. Here are just a few:

From Kevin Haran of New York:

“I called Rep. Tonko and Senators Schumer & Gillibrand. It’s fun starting out the call by saying I’m a constituent who wishes to have a message delivered, and then hearing the relief/surprise in the staff voices when they hear that the message is THANK YOU. Fun.”

From Bethany Bylsma of Oregon:

“I spent the last 5 minutes calling three congressmen from Oregon. The staffers who answered the phone were friendly and grateful I was only calling to thank them. Easy – peasy – punkin – pie. Get on the phones people. Everyone likes a ‘Thank You’ now and then.”

From Kush Desai of Colorado:

“I just called Congressman Lamborn, Senator Udall and Senator Bennet’s offices for Colorado to share my appreciation for all their support. The calls went really well and the staffer promised to pass on my thanks to the respective Senators and Congressman.”

Just because we’re wrapping up the official call-in campaign doesn’t mean you can’t still call and express your thanks. As you can see, these members of Congress and their staff really appreciate the appreciation. That’s the way to make a lasting impression: positive feedback in a political climate mired in negativity.

We can’t say it enough, but we’re gonna say it one more time: Thank you!


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