• November 3, 2011
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Hey Nebraska (and everyone else)- Evelyn says thanks!

Last week the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) held the first-ever hearing solely devoted to the LRA. One of the committee members, Congressman Fortenberry, has been a huge supporter of the LRA issue in Congress, and his role as a member of HFAC has made his support especially influential.

When Rep. Fortenberry heard that Evelyn Apoko (a young woman who is a former LRA abductee and who gained international recognition for her open letter to Rush Limbaugh) was going to be at the hearing, he wanted to meet her. This is the video of that meeting.

After the Congressman recaps Evelyn’s story and the continuing story of those still living under the threat of the LRA, Evelyn says this:

“And I’m so glad the issue of the LRA is coming to the world to open their eyes to pay attention to what is going on in Northern Uganda, and the Congo, and what I think is happening in Sudan as well. And I think it does mean a lot to me because I could not close my eyes and watch my brother die while I am still alive, you know? And that is my main message to the world and the United States to open their eyes to this issue.”

This past spring Rep Fortenberry cosponsored a letter to those of his colleagues in Congress who make decisions regarding the US Foreign Aid budget. He called on them to make sure that the LRA strategy received sufficient funding in the 2012 budget. We lobbied for more cosponsors to that letter as part of our Start Something to Finish It campaign and, with his help, were able to get 52 members of Congress to sign on.

A special thank you to all of the Resolve advocates in Rep. Fortenberry’s district (NE-1) who have lobbied him over the years. Your voice is being heard.


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