• January 26, 2012
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Tell the President you want justice in 2012

Last October, President Obama announced his decision to deploy 100 U.S. military advisers to help governments in central Africa bring LRA leader Joseph Kony to justice and protect communities targeted by LRA violence. It was the most significant step ever taken by our leaders to help end this crisis and a testament to the enormous progress we’ve made together in the past few years.

But LRA attacks and abductions continue to terrorize communities across central Africa. That’s why we’re aiming to make 2012 our biggest year yet. And you can help us kick it off right by taking one minute to make sure the White House knows you’re committed to see this through.

Following the President’s State of the Union address from earlier this week, his top advisers are now responding to your questions via Twitter. We want the President’s team to be flooded with hundreds of tweets about the LRA — and that means we need your help.

Take a moment to send in a question (or five!) about the LRA and make sure to include #WHChat. Here’s an example (and feel free to plagiarize):

#WHChat Thanks to the President for sending advisers to help stop #LRA attacks. What’s the plan in 2012 to ensure success? @WeAreResolved

A top adviser to President Obama will be answering questions about foreign policy on the @WHLive Twitter account tomorrow – Friday – at 11am ET/ 8am PT if you want to see how he responds. We’ll be sure to also post any results on our blog.

We believe it’s possible for 2012 to be the year that Joseph Kony is brought to justice and LRA atrocities are finally ended, and we have lots in stow to help make that happen. We’ve got a great chance now start things off right, so that next year’s State of the Union address can reference the end of LRA violence as a signature achievement.

Let’s get tweeting, folks!

– Lisa

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