• January 30, 2012
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Washington Post: Michael Gerson discusses the LRA

In October, soon after President Obama announced that he was deploying advisers to central Africa to help stop the LRA, Michael Gerson wrote an article for the Washington Post, defending the president’s decision. Gerson was President Bush’s lead speech writer for five years and is a respected conservative thinker and writer.

Late last week, Gerson wrote another article about the LRA for the Washington Post, this time following a trip to Dungu, DRC, with Ben Affleck and a team from Eastern Congo Initiative. He gives examples of the depth of Joseph Kony’s brutality and recommends ways that the U.S. could expedite an end to the “nightmare.”

He specifically mentioned our long-time friends and partners, Invisible Children, and their early-warning radio network.

This is a good article that serves to re-introduce the LRA conflict to the national dialogue this election year and hopefully it served to remind readers that the LRA exists and remains a threat.

Do read it.

An excerpt:

“But for this region to be repaired, the LRA must be broken. Military forces of Congo and the CAR are incapable. So the task has fallen to Ugandan soldiers, advised by the U.S. military. More than 80 U.S. special operations forces have been deployed to forward operating bases in Congo, the CAR and South Sudan. Their mission is to provide intelligence and assistance to the Ugandan military, which has skilled trackers — some of them formerly with the LRA — on Kony’s trail.

An American combat mission in this conflict is not contemplated. But the U.S. government should press Congo to readmit Ugandan troops pursuing the LRA. And the U.S. military could aid the UPDF with more advanced air and communications capabilities. A small, final push might remove the LRA’s most capable leaders from the field.

After a four-year nightmare, Francoise hopes to go back to school. Joseph Kony, the author of nightmares, remains at large in some jungle camp. He is not a supernatural being. He is human, and thus mortal. It is time to prove it.”


PS – As an aspiring speech writer, I have to remark that that last paragraph is money. If it were delivered orally by a confident speaker? Unstoppable.

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