• January 30, 2012
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White House responds to your tweets about the Lord’s Resistance Army

After President Obama delivered the State of the Union Address last Tuesday, the White House invited questions from the American people that would be answered by the President’s top advisers (via Twitter, of course. This is 2012).

We asked you to flood the White House with tweets about the President’s LRA strategy. And you did good. Hundreds, maybe even a couple thousand, of tweets directly the President what he plans to do to help end LRA violence in 2012. Thank you.

Your activism caught the attention of the President’s team and they responded directly to this tweet from @KasperAgger: “Thanks to the President for sending advisers to help stop #LRA attacks. What’s the plan in 2012 to ensure success?”

Here was the response from Ben Rhodes, a senior White House official, in 137 characters:

The White House also gave a shout out to “bottom-up activism” in regards to the #LRA issue among others.

This was a great opportunity to show the President that we are committed to seeing the mission completed and that we expect him to follow through on his promise. Last week’s Twitter success was a good start—but only a start—to what we’re hoping to accomplish in 2012.

Speaking of which, there is a Google+ conversation (again, 2012) scheduled with the President TODAY (Monday) at 5:30pm EST. Several of you have posted questions about the President’s plan in 2012 to help finally see an end to LRA violence. We’re crossing our fingers that he responds!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in White House Twitter Q&A last week and asked about the LRA. Let’s continue to take advantage of the opportunities our leaders give us to ask questions and express our desire for ending LRA to become a higher priority. Of course, if our leaders don’t offer us an opportunity, we’ll just have to create that ourselves. More about that later.


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