• February 24, 2012
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Rep. Ed Royce introduces legislation to aid Kony’s capture

Congressman Ed Royce, one of our champions in Congress, has come out again with legislation seeking to help end the atrocities wrought by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa. Only this time, he is taking a new approach.

Late last week his office announced that Royce is asking that an ongoing United States government program called “Rewards for Justice,” which provides financial rewards for information about the location of wanted terrorists, be expanded. Under Rep. Royce’s new proposal, “enablers” of terrorists — such as arms traffickers — as well as war criminals and those indicted by “international, hybrid, or mixed tribunals for genocide, war crimes, or crimes against humanity” be included in the rewards program. That means that anyone who can provide information that leads to the conviction of indicted war criminals will be rewarded.

This legislation is the sort of thing we hope to see more of as we try to see the “world’s worst” brought to justice. If it takes an incentive program to get pertinent information about Kony’s whereabouts, then we’re glad to see it implemented and extended.

Kony, and possibly his two top commanders who have also been indicted by the International Criminal Court, will be topping that list of targets. Royce directly said “One priority is Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which has terrorized northern Uganda and central Africa for over two decades.  An aggressive rewards program seeking information on Kony and top LRA commanders could help generate intelligence on their location and promote defections – both goals of U.S. policy.  It is time to end Kony’s reign of terror.”

Here’s Rep. Royce on the BBC doing an interview about his bill. A big thank you to him for taking this initiative. And Resolve advocates take heed; getting this bill passed may be one of our targets for the year.

– Azy

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