• March 15, 2012
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Awareness to action: Urge Congress to help stop Kony and end LRA violence

This week – in a unified show of support for the goals of the KONY 2012 campaign – Representatives Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Ed Royce (R-CA) introduced a resolution in Congress highlighting the ongoing atrocities being perpetrated by Joseph Kony and calling for continued U.S. efforts to help arrest Kony and protect communities being targeted by LRA violence. Senators Inhofe (R-OK) and Coons (D-DE) will introduce a companion Senate resolution next week.

The resolutions have been in the works for weeks, but leaders in Congress hope to seize the momentum being generated by the KONY 2012 campaign. “There is increased attention on the terror inflicted upon innocent people by the LRA – and that’s a good thing. I am hopeful that we can use this momentum as a force for change,” McGovern shared in a press release . “This resolution builds on past legislation and the current campaign by giving an added focus to these atrocities on children and efforts to stop them,” Royce added.


The video going viral is no guarantee that the goals of the campaign will be promoted in Congress. For that to happen, we need to translate the awareness generated by the film into concrete action for peace. You can do that by signing up here to meet with your member of Congress, right in their local office .

The text of the resolution (H.Res.581) aligns very closely with the KONY 2012 campaign policy manifesto, issued last week in the form of a letter to President Obama last week. It reinforces bipartisan Congressional support for US efforts to help end the threat posed by Joseph Kony and the LRA and highlights a number of steps that the Obama Administration, regional governments, and international partners can take to address the ongoing crisis caused by LRA violence.

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) also came out in support of the KONY 2012 campaign at a press conference on Monday. Senator Leahy – a champion for human rights and longtime advocate for efforts to end LRA violence – applauded activist efforts and committed to help expand assistance for communities being impacted by LRA violence. Check out the video above for highlights, and sign up to join a lobby meeting today.

– Reid

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