• March 22, 2012
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Kony 2012 Update: 33 Senators introduce resolution focused on ending LRA violence.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 1,000 times: you voice is powerful. And when we come together and channel our voices into Washington, clearly and consistently, we can have a major impact on the priorities of our leaders.

Case in point: Yesterday, 33 Senators, led by Chris Coons (D-DE) and Jim Inhofe (R-OK),  introduced a bipartisan resolution, condemning the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony and calling for robust U.S. efforts to help bring Kony to justice and end LRA violence. (For a summary of the resolution click here or read the full text here).

The House version of the resolution, which was introduced last week by Representatives Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Ed Royce (R-CA), has already gained 32 bipartisan cosponsors – further evidence that this is something we can all agree on.

33 Senators and 32 Representatives is a great start — but we’re capable of so much more. These numbers can keep climbing, but only if your members of Congress hear from you, again and again and again. So here’s your mission:

If you members of Congress have not cosponsored the resolution, it’s up to you to convince them that they should. Here’s how:

1. Take 30 seconds to  email a message to your members of Congress asking them to cosponsor the resolution.

2. Take 2 minutes to call your members of Congress (Don’t worry, we have a script for you!)

3. Sign up to meet with your members of Congress in your hometown, between now and the end of April.

And of course, if any of your Representatives have already cosponsored the resolution, please take a minute to call their offices and say thank you. Elected leaders often hear a lot of complaints and requests, but rarely any thanks. We want them to know that we’re grateful when they represent our voices in Washington. Find a list of all the current cosponsors here.

Keep up the great work, advocates. Your efforts truly are moving things in Washington — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We’re incredibly grateful for all of you.

– Lisa

P.S. For an inside look into the impact Kony 2012 and your voice are making in Washington, check out this piece from Politico entitled, Kony 2012 Captures Congress’ Attention.

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