• March 2, 2012
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Twitter updates from central Africa

Our colleague Paul has been in Central Africa for nearly 2 weeks now, and he has been tweeting his impressions from the ground @ResolveReports. As expected, there has been a mixture of good news and bad.

The ability or inability to communicate via radio has proven to be hugely important in protecting civilians:

It sounds like the KONY 2012 campaign is already garnering international support:

Residents across Central Africa have high expectations for the American troops, and it’s all too apparent that every delay is costly:

For more details from the ground, check out this blog that Paul posted about his visit to Djemah, Central African Republic.  He visited the community two years ago, shortly after it had been attacked by the LRA. This was his first time visiting since then.

“Djemah still has no HF radio or mobile phone service, and the mayor told us that surrounding communities write letters and deliver them by hand to tell him of LRA activity. That very morning, we met a man who traveled 30km to Djemah to deliver a letter detailing how two Ugandan women and three small children escaped from the LRA in his community just two days before.”

Paul minces no words when describing what Djemah needs most:

“HF radio and mobile phone projects… should be implemented quickly, and avoid the delays that have plagued similar US projects in Congo. Djemah and surrounding communities have been waiting for such projects for over two years, while the LRA continues to conduct brutal attacks. They can’t afford to wait two more.”

Be sure to follow @ResolveReports to get the latest news from the ground.


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