• June 27, 2012
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Resolve joins press briefing with top UN and African Union officials

This Friday, the United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) are expected to release a new joint strategy to end LRA violence. To help brief journalists about the strategy and the way forward on the LRA, Resolve joined a press event at UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday.  Panelists at the press event included the two leaders of the joint mission — UN Special Representative for Africa Abou Mousso and AU Ambassador Francisco Madeira — as well as Human Rights Watch Deputy Director Jan Egeland, our Executive Director Michael Poffenberger, and two civil society delegates from Democratic Republic of Congo, Father Benoit Kinalegu and Sister Angelique Namaika.

Among the most notable points made by the panelists was an emphasis on the need for political cooperation between regional governments and significant new funding from donor countries in order to the LRA mission to succeed. Special Representative Moussa and Ambassador Madeira assured that they are in the process of reaching out to potential donor nations for needed support and they are in regular communication with regional governments in order to ensure cooperation and coordination. According to Ambassador Madeira, the expected results of the LRA mission are to “stop Kony, stop his atrocities, neutralize this man and make sure that the populations return to normalcy and experience development and stability”.

As mentioned earlier, the new UN-AU joint LRA strategy is scheduled to be released at the end of the week. You can count on us to bring you updates — and our analysis — as soon as that happens.

– Lisa

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