• February 15, 2013
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We’re changing our name, but never our mission

“The more things change the more they stay the same”

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said that. You might not know who he is, and that’s okay (neither do we). However, we like what he said, especially today.

You’ll probably notice some changes to our website in the coming weeks, the most obvious being our new name: The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative. While our name is getting a facelift, our mission remains the same, and our commitment to seeing peace in areas of central Africa affected by the LRA crisis is as strong as ever. In fact, as our new tagline suggests, we have no plans for our organization to outlast the crisis we’re currently working to address.

Instead, as we’ve done many times during our eight years advocating for an end to LRA atrocities, we’re evolving in service of our mission. As we reshape Resolve into The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative, we’re aiming to strengthen our role as a hub for timely information on the LRA crisis and a go-to source for innovative solutions. We want to ensure that government agencies, organizations, and partners working to end this conflict have the information and direction they need to succeed.

This includes more focus on investigative field research from our Director of Policy, Paul Ronan, which helps uncover the impact of new developments in the conflict like LRA presence in the Sudanese-controlled Kafia Kingi enclave and US military advisors being deployed to LRA-affected areas. It includes sustaining our work on the LRA Crisis Tracker project and producing reports like the 2012 Annual Security Brief that analyze LRA atrocities. And there will be more done to share our research and findings with supporters and partners through our blog and social media.

But we’re not just an information source; we’re do-ers. As such, we’ll continue working to influence policy and programs that can help end this conflict and advocating directly with policy leaders on the LRA issue. But unlike before, we won’t be organizing grassroots advocacy campaigns in support of our goals. Instead, we’ve partnered with Invisible Children to launch a new advocacy initiative called Citizen, which is being overseen by our former Director of Field Outreach (and all-around life powerhouse) Lisa Dougan. Our past campaigns helped see historic bills passed and new programs on the ground funded, and we expect even more of these results moving forward. You can check out what Citizen is already doing here.

Thanks for your patience as we make these changes. Our impact is only possible through the support and collaboration from our partners and allies, and – as always – we’re grateful for yours.

– Michael

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Michael Poffenberger
Michael Poffenberger

Michael Poffenberger is Executive Director of The Resolve.