• May 1, 2014
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Crisis Tracker: Seasonal spike in LRA attacks + combatants defect in the CAR

If you’ve got 5-10 minutes to spare today, check out our new LRA Crisis Tracker Quarter 1 2014 Security Brief, covering LRA activity from January–March 2014. The report is designed to be viewed online in an interactive format that combines concise analysis with graphs and maps. And seriously, with all the content on one easily scrollable page, you can soak it all up in 5-10 minutes.

You can also view specific sections of the report by visiting the following links:

  • Executive Summary: The LRA abducted 133 civilians in 61 attacks between January and March 2014 (Quarter 1 2014), continuing a historical pattern in which the group increases attacks during the dry season.​
  • III. CAR: LRA targets Obo–Mboki axis: LRA attacks increased sharply in Haut Mbomou prefecture in Quarter 1 2014, with 11 attacks occurring within 15km of Ugandan AU RTF military bases in Mboki and Obo.
  • IV. Kafia Kingi: The LRA returns?: LRA forces reportedly committed several large raids in the CAR’s Haut Kotto prefecture, while reports indicated senior LRA leaders were again operating in the neighboring Kafia Kingi enclave.

The report is also available in pdf format, though the design is more limited. A French version will be released next week.

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